martes, 21 de marzo de 2017


I am a person who is surprised by everything so this is fantastic for my!!!!

I know, I know... They sell this done!!! 
well, let me introce you to the story... 

I was traveling with my mom and brother when we arrived to an airport. Everything was fine when wild this appears in front to my eyes!! but this one not was the only thing... there were juice of Hershey´s!! In my country Hershey´s is just a sweet, heavenly and wonderful candy that melts in your mouth and leaves you with more cravings and with desires that never ends not a juice and Nesquik is a juice that you have to prepare for breakfast, so can you imagine my sorprise?

If you want to die of an overdose of sugar yeah! this is a good way!

But the story dosen´t ends here.
We decided to buy something to eat, that´s why we chose something familiar: Sandwiches.
Have you ever taste something too much spicy and dry as the desert that takes your stomach like a hurricane?

Before to eat it we observe something unusual in the sandwiches; those had little red dots in the bread, but we never imagined that it could change completely the taste. So the rest of the way to our destination was completly disaster for our stomachs. 

However, if you have a stomach as sturdy as a bull and you enjoy food like this, go ahead!

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