martes, 21 de marzo de 2017

About me...

If you are a person that enjoys food, you and I going to be very good friends.
My name is Sully Patiño and in my 19 years old I´ve already fallen in love with food. The taste, flavor, the smell its my obsesion.

Have you ever felt called for the food? so thats how I always feel!!!
But food is not every thing about me, so let me introduce you myself...

I am in first semester of Music with emphasis on production. If you are wondering ooh! what kind of instruments she play? well, I play viola and let me aswer you question before you do it; viola is like a violin but a little bit bigger and smaller than a cello. And I sing. I can play some songs on the piano and the guitar...
what I do in my free time is read and see movies. And here amoung us... I LOVE READING NOVELS!! Really it´s one of my favorite things in the world (but shhh!! it´s a secret) Eeeh!! I´m just kidding, is not a secret you can tell everyone!!!

I appreciated the friendship and I consider myself a very loyal and corious person.

so... this is who I am.


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